You can be engaged in these activities in our aeroclub:

Powered planes training

Continuation and sports training

- in aero navigation, retraining for all types of planes that we have in our aeroclub, improvement flights

- improvement in air navigation, in exact flying, in aerobatics with a possibility of taking part in competitions

Training to gain a PPL/SE pilot license

For those who are interested in gaining a PPL/SE pilot license we will manage a training in some air school with a possibility to perform the flights at our airport.

More info about the training from: Ing. Andrej Kušnírik, +421 948 117 817

Sailplanes training

Training to gain a GLD pilot license

Conditions - minimum 15 years of age (with a legal representative acknowledgement) and a good health state affirmed by a certified doctor. Fee for basic training includes a payment for a theoretical training, examininig, glider and aerotows untill the first solo flights. Medical exam is charged, too.

More info from: Alexander Rosner, +421 948 213 088

Skydiving training

Basic course

Conditions - minimum 15 years of age (with a legal representative acknoledgement) and a good health state affirmed by a certified doctor.

The course consists of several hours of theoretical, surface and practical build-up and jumps from 1000-1200 m. After that a student will gain a certificate about passing the basic parachuting course.

Tandem jumps from 3000-4000 m altitude

You would perform the tandem jumps together with specifically trained instructors. During the jump you are strapped with a parachutist. Right after the jump a free fall follows. Thus you can experience a feeling of a free bird. The parachute opens in 1500 m. After that you are gliding down toward the ground and admiring a landscape.This is an experience you cannot forget. After a landing you feel yourself in a beautiful euphory. Many people want to repeat the jump again.

More info from: Alexander Komanický, +421 905 296 628


We are sorry there is no paragliding training at our club.

If you are interested in paramotoring and paragliding call Ing. Jaroslav Oulický, +421 907 193 855 for more info.

Some more info about paramotoring on: http://www.mpg.host.sk

Some more info about paragliding on: http://www.jastrab.host.sk

ULL - Flying ultralight planes

We are sorry there is no training to fly ultralight planes at our club.

Training to gain ULL and a hang glider pilot license.

Trainer plane: Viper SD-4

However, if you are interested you can get more info from: Ing. Daniel Tomko, +421 903 903 692, tomko@tomark.sk

Basic info

Name of the airport: PREŠOV


Type of the airport: Military nonpublic airport with civil traffic exclusively for Aeroklub Prešov


7 km NE Prešov


N 49°01'36", E 21°18'18"


314,55 m / 1032 ft

Magnetic declination

4°E 2011


05 / 23


054° / 234°

Length and surface

800 x 40 m grass

Carrying capacity

5700 kg / 0,7 Mpa

Operation time

MTWR H24, Aeroklub HO


Repairs O/R LTD


Avgas 100, Unleaded 95


Aeroshell 100, 100W a M8AD

Communication frequency - Tower

135,500 MHz - MTWR

Communication frequency - Operator

135,500 MHz - INFO

Operation rules

GAT flights are permitted to enter LZR315 MCTR only with a consent of MILITARY PRESOV TWR station. The consent must be obtained three minutes in advance at least. The military airfield may be used only with the consent issued by an air operator of the military airbase Presov. Arrivals without communication are not possible.


Air base, 080 06 Prešov
contact: +421 960 112 233, MTWR +421 960 527 119

SNA Aeroklub Prešov, Vranovská 72, 080 01 Prešov
contact: +421 917 565 988, info@aeroklubpresov.sk